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I Bet my A** on it. Indians can’t Lose this Game. Ever.

No Indian worth his roti- sabji (add idli, dhokla, daal baati,sarson da saag, maach bhaat and the bhi) can lose this game. Dost, daily practice naam ki bhi ko cheez hoti hai ki nahi?

So, all of you are hereby challenged to try  your hand at this game and prove me right.


<This game has been deactivated on 28/06/2014. It was too noisy. >


And for those of you who think, I should not be making a joke of a serious issue like potholes : You can upload the issues of your neighborhood on Chalo, get to work.

Tab tak, let me get my score further up before any of you overtakes me. *smirk followed by an evil laugh*

P.S: My score is currently 5000. :-) Dude, I have stayed in more than 10 Indian towns and cities. What do you expect? I am a certified Pothole dodger.

Acche Din Aa Sakte Hain. Ask How?

My eyeballs literally almost popped out when I came across this website offering ‘Slum tourism’ to westerners. This explains the recent phenomena of a hell lot of western celebrities making a beeline to explore, out of all the places, Indian slums. The website claimed that this ‘concept’ is picking up really well among westerners who want to explore the ‘Real India’. Oh God, kill me please! Somebody tell them, there is no Real India. There is just Dual India.

Btw, this is completely besides the point, but I secretly blame Slumdog <beep> millionaire for this day. :-) A lot of critics and people on IMDB described this godforsaken movie as the, wait for it..Feel good movie of the Decade. I mean, seriously? The one perception which takes the cake is ‘Indians are poor but happy people’. Really! What are you? A sadist?

Let me not digress any further and make a serious point. Look at the picture below of Hooverville, Seattle and the world’s favourite slums (blah!), Dharavi, Mumbai:

Blog-acche din

For people who came in late, this is America during the 1930-40’s Great Depression. After President Roosevelt launched a series of programs aptly named ‘New Deal’ and the feeling of ‘regime certainty’ came back, America gradually came out of its problems. See, I just summed it up very conveniently in 2-3 lines, but of course it took years of monumental efforts from the government as well as the people to come of it. Google it later to know how, when, why, what etc. I have exceeded the word limit given to me already. 😐

Blame my eternal optimism, but from a layman’s point of view, what I really want to take away from these two pictures is: Things can become OK. Stealing/twisting Modi’s favourite quote. Acche din aa sakte hain.It will clearly take us years to get things right in our country and then another couple of years to get the perception of ‘India is a dirty shithole’ out of the world’s mind.

So why don’t we start today and report issues on and contribute in our own small way to make India a better place to live. Unless, of course, we are comfortable with being a prime ‘slum tourism’ destination for the world.


Things That Piss Us Off.


#Potholes #ChildLabour #Garbage

True That. Period.

Note: Even I am guilty of that and so, ‘No Comments’ at all this time. Just a moment of silence for all my fellow hypocrites and a high-five…

….In the face…

……with a chair.


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Oh No! Elections Over. What Next!

Cartoon Courtesy: John Manders
Sketch Courtesy: John Manders

For those of you who can relate to the picture above, I say “Welcome To The Club!”. :-) According to assumed statistics, at least 50% of our countrymen and a staggering 90% of those on social media have officially joined this Club today.

Well, on a slightly serious note, if you are feeling ..ahem..mmm.. well.. for lack of a better word.. Empty at the moment and are in search of something remotely useful to do, then do visit and upload an issue of your neighborhood at least.

And, oh yes…I was actually told to write this in this particular blog…so here it goes..

ChangeBhai congratulates Mr.Narendra Modi for winning the Elections 2014.

Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar. Ab toh hai bas Change ka Intezaar. (wasn’t told to write that..but hope it rhymed. Rhyming is the flavor of the season and don’t want to be left out 😐.)

Till then, have a nice weekend and if not, then blame the new government. (Ok. That was sarcasm again. Sorry.)


Election Results Are Out.


Once upon a time, there was a jungle named ‘La La Land (LLL)’.  The story is from one of those times when nothing was going right in the jungle. Humans were entering LLL at their own whims and fancies. There was a lot of internal rift going on. Jungle infrastructure was going from bad to worse.

The LLLians decided that it was time to select the King of the jungle in the hope that he will resolve all their issues. Elections were held. Monkeys spread awareness about the need to vote for their prospective King. The chief candidates in the fray were: The Lion, Tiger, Elephant and a Deer. More than 70% of LLLians participated in the selection process which was declared a huge success.

Election results were declared. The Lion won. Oh sorry..The Tiger won…Hang on..The Elephant won. Deer won. I apologise for my poor memory that I don’t remember clearly but yes, the deer won.. probably..I guess. There was a huge celebration. The Monkeys partied like nobody’s business. Meanwhile, LLLians went back to their usual routine. One year passed. Nothing really changed.

Nothing really changed.

Nothing really changed because the problems of the jungle had become too big to be resolved by the King alone. Things would have changed if all the LLLians did their small bit in helping the King solve the jungle’s problems. Only then La La Land would have been a better place to live.  Right now, it did not really matter whether it was the lion, the tiger, the elephant or the deer who won.


As much as we want it to be true, the fact is that neither Modi nor Rahul nor Kejriwal can wave a magic wand and bring about a significant change in the near future if we do not play our part in it. They will bring a change but nothing close to what we have been expecting.

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Don’t just wait for the election results. Visit and ‘play your part’.

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Time Travel, Anyone?

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. This is what we call ‘going BACK in time’. Literally.  Just look at this picture and tell me if I am wrong.


Call this a sad case of irony or whatever, but the truth is, that despite the fantastic economic growth, India is doing really bad in urban governance. For more than a decade, India has enjoyed unprecedented growth that in many ways is comparable to that of The United States of America years ago. However, the same cannot be said of our infrastructure.

Come on India, we know you can do better. :) Report some of these issues to the authorities through ChangeBhai and help India move forward.