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Election Results Are Out.


Once upon a time, there was a jungle named ‘La La Land (LLL)’.  The story is from one of those times when nothing was going right in the jungle. Humans were entering LLL at their own whims and fancies. There was a lot of internal rift going on. Jungle infrastructure was going from bad to worse.

The LLLians decided that it was time to select the King of the jungle in the hope that he will resolve all their issues. Elections were held. Monkeys spread awareness about the need to vote for their prospective King. The chief candidates in the fray were: The Lion, Tiger, Elephant and a Deer. More than 70% of LLLians participated in the selection process which was declared a huge success.

Election results were declared. The Lion won. Oh sorry..The Tiger won…Hang on..The Elephant won.  No..no..The Deer won. I apologise for my poor memory that I don’t remember clearly but yes, the deer won.. probably..I guess. There was a huge celebration. The Monkeys partied like nobody’s business. Meanwhile, LLLians went back to their usual routine. One year passed. Nothing really changed.

Nothing really changed.

Nothing really changed because the problems of the jungle had become too big to be resolved by the King alone. Things would have changed if all the LLLians did their small bit in helping the King solve the jungle’s problems. Only then La La Land would have been a better place to live.  Right now, it did not really matter whether it was the lion, the tiger, the elephant or the deer who won.


As much as we want it to be true, the fact is that neither Modi nor Rahul nor Kejriwal can wave a magic wand and bring about a significant change in the near future if we do not play our part in it. They will bring a change but nothing close to what we have been expecting.

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