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ChangeBhai Among ET’s Top 30 Innovations That Can Change Your Future!

Heylo Friends,

We are glad to announce that ChangeBhai is among Top 30 Innovations of India that can change your future. Aye no no no…We ain’t sayin that. This is what Economic Times says.

Economic times dated 8th June 2016, Page 11

You can read the complete coverage on this link (also copied below):

Also, hope you have checked out our revamped website Now, you can not only report issues of your neighborhood but also check the issues around you, evaluate localities as well as compare localities.

Also, minor detail. As part of The Economic Times Presents Catapooolt ChangeMakers Challenge 2016, a crowdfunding campaign is currently up on India’s leading crowdfunding website We request you to visit the same and support us as you always have.