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ChangeBhai Among ET’s Top 30 Innovations That Can Change Your Future!

Heylo Friends,

We are glad to announce that ChangeBhai is among Top 30 Innovations of India that can change your future. Aye no no no…We ain’t sayin that. This is what Economic Times says.

Economic times dated 8th June 2016, Page 11

You can read the complete coverage on this link (also copied below):

Also, hope you have checked out our revamped website Now, you can not only report issues of your neighborhood but also check the issues around you, evaluate localities as well as compare localities.

Also, minor detail. As part of The Economic Times Presents Catapooolt ChangeMakers Challenge 2016, a crowdfunding campaign is currently up on India’s leading crowdfunding website We request you to visit the same and support us as you always have.

I Bet my A** on it. Indians can’t Lose this Game. Ever.

No Indian worth his roti- sabji (add idli, dhokla, daal baati,sarson da saag, maach bhaat and the bhi) can lose this game. Dost, daily practice naam ki bhi ko cheez hoti hai ki nahi?

So, all of you are hereby challenged to try  your hand at this game and prove me right.


<This game has been deactivated on 28/06/2014. It was too noisy. >


And for those of you who think, I should not be making a joke of a serious issue like potholes : You can upload the issues of your neighborhood on Chalo, get to work.

Tab tak, let me get my score further up before any of you overtakes me. *smirk followed by an evil laugh*

P.S: My score is currently 5000. :-) Dude, I have stayed in more than 10 Indian towns and cities. What do you expect? I am a certified Pothole dodger.

Acche Din Aa Sakte Hain. Ask How?

My eyeballs literally almost popped out when I came across this website offering ‘Slum tourism’ to westerners. This explains the recent phenomena of a hell lot of western celebrities making a beeline to explore, out of all the places, Indian slums. The website claimed that this ‘concept’ is picking up really well among westerners who want to explore the ‘Real India’. Oh God, kill me please! Somebody tell them, there is no Real India. There is just Dual India.

Btw, this is completely besides the point, but I secretly blame Slumdog <beep> millionaire for this day. :-) A lot of critics and people on IMDB described this godforsaken movie as the, wait for it..Feel good movie of the Decade. I mean, seriously? The one perception which takes the cake is ‘Indians are poor but happy people’. Really! What are you? A sadist?

Let me not digress any further and make a serious point. Look at the picture below of Hooverville, Seattle and the world’s favourite slums (blah!), Dharavi, Mumbai:

Blog-acche din

For people who came in late, this is America during the 1930-40’s Great Depression. After President Roosevelt launched a series of programs aptly named ‘New Deal’ and the feeling of ‘regime certainty’ came back, America gradually came out of its problems. See, I just summed it up very conveniently in 2-3 lines, but of course it took years of monumental efforts from the government as well as the people to come of it. Google it later to know how, when, why, what etc. I have exceeded the word limit given to me already. 😐

Blame my eternal optimism, but from a layman’s point of view, what I really want to take away from these two pictures is: Things can become OK. Stealing/twisting Modi’s favourite quote. Acche din aa sakte hain.It will clearly take us years to get things right in our country and then another couple of years to get the perception of ‘India is a dirty shithole’ out of the world’s mind.

So why don’t we start today and report issues on and contribute in our own small way to make India a better place to live. Unless, of course, we are comfortable with being a prime ‘slum tourism’ destination for the world.