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Our National Flag – Our Pride, Our Identity


Wondering what is this?!


Well, before we answer this question, let us first correct the question itself.

The right question is ‘Who is this?’

So, here’s the answer,

Pingali Venkayya is the person who designed our National Flag. For those who had not heard about him, he was an agriculturist and a freedom fighter from Andhra, who presented a version of our present day flag to Gandhiji.

We strongly believe that our flag is more than just cloth and ink. It is the history of our nation, and is marked by the blood of those who died trying to create a free India. Don’t you agree!?

This independence day, we speak about our beloved tricolour, our pride, our identity.

It is so really incredible to see the various changes that our National Flag has gone through since the beginning.


The first version in red, yellow and green was hoisted on 7th August 1906, in the Green Park , Calcutta.

The second version hoisted by Madame Cama and her team of exiled revolutionaries in 1907 was almost similar to its earlier version, but seven stars denoting the Saptarishi were added.

The third version with the Union Jack (!!! Seriously, kaun dala ye) was hoisted by the renowned freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak and Dr. Annie Besant.

The fourth version in red and green came about in 1921. The red and green was said to symbolise the two major communities of India, Hindus and Muslims. Gandhiji recommended adding a third colour white, that was to symbolise the remaining communities and the spinning wheel to symbolise the progress of the Nation. Hmmm.

10 years later, in 1931, a resolution was passed to adopt tricolour flag as our national flag. It was declared that the colors bore no communal significance at all. Ah! That’s a relief indeed!

Later on, in 1947, the Ashoka Chakra replaced the spinning wheel, and thus our present day National Flag came into existence.

Isn’t it amazing how the evolution of our national flag reflected the political developments in the nation in those times!

Team ChangeBhai is proud to be Indian and wishes a very Happy Independence Day to all fellow Indians! May we value our freedom!

Vande Mataram.

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Vote for us – Smart City Idea


Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had recently launched a contest called ‘Maza Swapna, Smart Pune’, which when translated to English means ‘My dream, a smart Pune’. Under this contest, the citizens were asked to submit one idea that they think will be a step forward towards making Pune a smart city, in the real sense.

Needless to say, being active citizens, we, at ChangeBhai participated in the contest as well. Our idea (snapshot below) has been selected among the top-30 ideas out of 6000 ideas. In the second round, a voting process will decide which ideas inch forward towards implementation.

Our idea!

Our idea!

Vote for us on Our idea is called ‘PMC money’. You will have to browse and locate it.

The idea behind this ‘idea’: We believe that for any PMC initiative or scheme to work, the most crucial bit is ‘citizen engagement’. Citizens should adopt that initiative. There is no point emulating smart city concepts of cities in developed countries, as our cities are very different from theirs. Installing sensors, kiosks and adopting digital technology is not going to work in our cities, where even the streetlights and traffic poles get stolen! The need of the hour is to incentivise citizens to participate in the existing and future PMC schemes and initiatives, which is what our idea is all about.

So, do vote, if you feel our idea will make a difference in the way our cities work. The voting closes at midnight of 9th August 2015. Do not forget to click on Submit button at the bottom after clicking on Vote. And, yes, you can vote for multiple ideas. So if you like any other idea other than ours, do vote for it as well.

Happy change making!

Potholes in the sky?! Yes. Yes. Yes. Possible. Eee dekho tanik.

Holy moly guacamole!! If you thought the title of this post was misleading, then you my friend, are so wrong. Mumbai has never and will never cease to surprise us. Check this snapshot from a CB user on twitter below:


Source: ChangeBhai Twitter Account

What the eff is happening, eh, The B the M the C?! Roads ka chalo jabardasti samjhe hum ki tum bole traffic bahut hai n all that. But son! potholes on the skywalk!

If you remember our blog about the ChangeBhai issue# A0431 ‘Lights not functional on Skywalk ‘ from Mumbai, you would remember this location. *drum rolls* The great (greater than Akbar, the great) Andheri Skywalk. The phatichar-est skywalk to have ever graced this city.

Pehle iska light nahi jal raha tha because the meter approval was pending. That we got fixed.

Phir paani was tapkoo-ing from its roof. That somehow got fixed temporarily with some jugaad.

Phir vaapis lights stopped working. Ye chal kya raha hai bhai?

Then these potholes plus hawker menace & a leaking roof again.

(BHAGOOOOO …….BHOOOOOOTTTT! Kidding….but ho sakta hai. We have shakk.)

Accha, doosri baat..Google Andheri Skywalk and you will see such fancy pictures of it, you will be amazed. Aisa to yeh, suna hai, launch pe bhi nahi dikh raha tha . Check out these amazeballs pictures:

Source: photobucket
Image Courtesy: photobucket
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Image Courtesy:

If you want more fun in your life (duh!), then keep watching this space. We are thinking of making a mainstream movie on this issue. Andheri Skywalk ki Madhur Kahaniyan.

Anyway, bahut ho gaya rona. We will get this resolved, that’s for sure. And if you spot a similar issue around you, do report it on

Tata. Byebye.