I Bet my A** on it. Indians can’t Lose this Game. Ever.

No Indian worth his roti- sabji (add idli, dhokla, daal baati,sarson da saag, maach bhaat and the likes..jo bhi) can lose this game. Dost, daily practice naam ki bhi ko cheez hoti hai ki nahi?

So, all of you are hereby challenged to try  your hand at this game and prove me right.


<This game has been deactivated on 28/06/2014. It was too noisy. >


And for those of you who think, I should not be making a joke of a serious issue like potholes : You can upload the issues of your neighborhood on www.ChangeBhai.in. Chalo, get to work.

Tab tak, let me get my score further up before any of you overtakes me. *smirk followed by an evil laugh*

P.S: My score is currently 5000. :-) Dude, I have stayed in more than 10 Indian towns and cities. What do you expect? I am a certified Pothole dodger.

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