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Oh No! Elections Over. What Next!

Cartoon Courtesy: John Manders
Sketch Courtesy: John Manders

For those of you who can relate to the picture above, I say “Welcome To The Club!”. :-) According to assumed statistics, at least 50% of our countrymen and a staggering 90% of those on social media have officially joined this Club today.

Well, on a slightly serious note, if you are feeling ..ahem..mmm.. well.. for lack of a better word.. Empty at the moment and are in search of something remotely useful to do, then do visit www.ChangeBhai.in and upload an issue of your neighborhood at least.

And, oh yes…I was actually told to write this in this particular blog…so here it goes..

ChangeBhai congratulates Mr.Narendra Modi for winning the Elections 2014.

Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar. Ab toh hai bas Change ka Intezaar. (wasn’t told to write that..but hope it rhymed. Rhyming is the flavor of the season and don’t want to be left out 😐.)

Till then, have a nice weekend and if not, then blame the new government. (Ok. That was sarcasm again. Sorry.)