So..tell me..what would you do if….!

What would you say/do if you were running late (add ‘very’) for the most imp meeting of your life and you see this tree fallen on the only road that connects you to your destination?

a. $%&*@%!!! (yell out your fave’ abuse)
b. _________ (hint: go speechless)
c. Pray like crazy to invoke God’s mercy
d. /\/\/\/\___/\/\/\______ (hint: Faint)
e. All of the above

Oh! Did I forget to add any other scenario?

We, at Changebhai provide you ‘option f’

f. Open the ‘ChangeBhai’ app on our phone and report the issue in less than a minute.

What say?

Psst.. This question is based on a real life event in the life of the author..ahem..IMG-20130802-WA0000

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