Know Why Lights Outside This Delhi Metro Station Were On During The Day.

A lot of citizens tell us that they really want to report an issue on ChangeBhai but haven’t been getting the time to do that. Fair enough. Happens with all of us.

To motivate us, here is an example of a user who saw an issue on his way to work and took out a bit of his time to report it on ChangeBhai. (He couldn’t even take a picture of the issue but was kind enough to take some a couple of days later and send it to us as the said issue was on his daily travel route.)

Click below to see the actual issue:

Issue #: A0363, Lights on during morning, Ramesh Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi


Just to give you an idea of how we work and the kind of updates you can expect from us after you report an issue, here’s an excerpt from our back end team’s Email conversation with the user over the last couple of days after he reported the issue on ChangeBhai.

CHANGEBHAI: We assume that the lights are within the premises and are a property of Delhi Metro. Kindly confirm the same. In order to expedite the process of closing the issue, kindly provide us a picture of the issue

USER: You are correct. The heavy lights are very much part of the property of the Metro Station since these lights are installed on the stairs wall. These remain lighted on all the four gates of Metro Stations in the morning,.(sic)

CHANGEBHAI: We spoke to Delhi Metro personnel Mr. Himadri today who said that the request for change in “timer set” of Ramesh Nagar Metro Station lights has been sent to the ground staff. The issue will be  resolved shortly.

USER: Really impressed with your wonderful take on with the problem. As requested by you, find attached the pictures of lights switched on even during day time.

CHANGEBHAI: This is to update you that  Shambhu Gupta- Station Manager (Ramesh Nagar Metro Station) is personally involved in resolving the issue. He also conveyed that from now onward, they will take care that no lights are on during the day time.

It was a simple case of the timer not being set after a change of season from winter to summer, which was rectified because of this user’s effort. Kudos to Delhi Metro staff as well for their eagerness to resolve our issues.

Do report an issue on . That is all we need you to do.  Sharing this post with others to spread the word wouldn’t hurt either.

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