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NDTV, Why are you telling us to clean our neigbhorhoods?

We were all greeted by a huge  full page NDTV ad titled  INDIA’S BIGGEST CLEANATHON in the newspaper today. Sponsored by Dettol, the campaign has a tagline ‘A toilet for every Indian’.  Wonderful initiative, indeed!

But, think NDTV also couldn’t resist the whole ‘Why don’t you guys clean up your neighborhood and send us videos of you doing it so that we can make some good content out of it‘ bit that is all over the place after our honorable PM Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Campaign. We are sure that NDTV was tempted to add this bit in their fantastic Cleanathon campaign which was mostly aimed at the ‘A toilet for every Indian’ concept. Check their ad below.

NDTV Cleanathon Ad in TOI
NDTV Cleanathon Ad in TOI

Dear NDTV Special Projects team,  Awesome campaign! We are sure it will do well considering the amazing PR resources and budgets you have.

1. But, why are you telling me to clean up my neighborhood myself? Yes, I am part of the educated Indian middle class who you are targeting through your ad campaign. I repeat, I am the one who is the ‘target’ of your fancy campaigns and also, am the one who is into this ‘shooting videos and uploading it online’ thingies. Not an average person on the street who doesn’t give two hoots about your well branded campaigns.

2. Do you know that we are not responsible for dumping waste on the streets? We segregate and put it neatly outside our apartments, which is picked up by our society staff. So, why do you expect us to clean up the mess ourselves after working hard for the entire week? Or, even clean it once to send you the video for your 12 hour telecast. To set an example for others, eh?

3. Chalo maan liya ki aapki baat sun ke we start cleaning up our neighborhood on our single weekly holiday.  Koi na, 2 weekly holidays pakad lo. Then, do you think those ‘people’ who are clearly not your target segment and are the ones dumping the waste will stop littering thinking ‘Arre these poor educated types will have to clean it up, lets not throw it’.

4. Don’t you media waalas think you should be rather launching specific campaigns using available technology to help citizens like us (ahem..your target segment) to report these neighborhood garbage dumps to the authorities rather than picking up a jhaadu ourselves.

Please just give us structured platforms to report these dumps. Don’t tell us to clean our neighborhoods and send you videos. Not done. #NahiChalega

You could have asked us to send you videos of people peeing on the road or stretches where there are no public toilets or something similar to go with your theme. We would have rather done that. Sending videos just to make your campaign appear successful. #NahiChalega

The Big Question: Are You Cool With Picking Up A ‘Jhaadu’ To Clean Your City?

'ChangeBhai Mobilizes Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'
‘ChangeBhai Mobilizes Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’

Let us get straight to this question that has been running in our heads since one of the most talked about campaigns was launched recently by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yes. The very very popular and high buzz creating ‘SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN’.

Let’s gather our collective thoughts and start with a small survey involving all of you.


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While we await results of this poll to be declared on 23rd November, let me at least introduce you to our campaign ‘ChangeBhai mobilizes Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. No, it is not about telling you folks to hold a placard that says ‘I pledge to be a part of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. (Well, it does make for a good social media campaign but doesn’t work, does it?). Neither are we inviting essays or soliciting votes from you.


Mobilize (a verb)


make (something) movable or capable of movement.


The intent of ‘ChangeBhai mobilizes Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is simple. To mobilize the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan into a movement to achieve the seeming unachievable task ‘To make India litter free’. A movement that is well structured, uses the latest usable technology and will lead to mass participation by the people of our country.

People like you me and everybody who will not pick up a broom and set to clean their city. (or are we wrong? Let’s wait for the poll results in that case)

No photo-ops. No speeches. Let’s reserve them for our film stars and politicians.

Just Action.

Watch this space for details on this campaign. Till then, click here and create a ChangeBhai login ID if you are ready to participate in ‘ChangeBhai mobilizes Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’.


Oh No! Elections Over. What Next!

Cartoon Courtesy: John Manders
Sketch Courtesy: John Manders

For those of you who can relate to the picture above, I say “Welcome To The Club!”. :-) According to assumed statistics, at least 50% of our countrymen and a staggering 90% of those on social media have officially joined this Club today.

Well, on a slightly serious note, if you are feeling ..ahem..mmm.. well.. for lack of a better word.. Empty at the moment and are in search of something remotely useful to do, then do visit www.ChangeBhai.in and upload an issue of your neighborhood at least.

And, oh yes…I was actually told to write this in this particular blog…so here it goes..

ChangeBhai congratulates Mr.Narendra Modi for winning the Elections 2014.

Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar. Ab toh hai bas Change ka Intezaar. (wasn’t told to write that..but hope it rhymed. Rhyming is the flavor of the season and don’t want to be left out 😐.)

Till then, have a nice weekend and if not, then blame the new government. (Ok. That was sarcasm again. Sorry.)