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Oh! Skit!

They say, Enthusiasm, like measles, mumps and the common cold, is highly contagious. We got to experience this first-hand during one of our ground engagement sessions at ISB&M College, Pune.  As part of our Social Impact workshop, we gave the participants 10 minutes time to prepare a skit on the topic ‘What would they do if they were given the power to bring about a change for a day?’.  They were required to keep the issues handled by ChangeBhai as the underlying theme of their skits.

Without wasting a minute, the students formed huddles to discuss their skits. And boy!, what an output!! Each group presented a unique concept. The execution was fantastic.  The performances were stellar.  Some of them performed so well that we forgot for a moment that we were in a management institute. These youngsters conceptualized and executed their skits professionally.  They addressed a variety of issues ranging from child labour to garbage dumps to animal cruelty.

Skit on 'Animal Cruelty'
Skit on ‘Animal Cruelty’
Skit on "Child Labour'
Skit on “Child Labour’
Students enjoying the competition-1
Students enjoying the competition-1


Students enjoying the competition-2
Students enjoying the competition-2

Thank you ISB&M for inviting us to your campus. We need more active institutions like yours to spread the word!

Bloggers take notice of ChangeBhai!

Bhautik Joshi of notes,
“…a site which caught my attention this week is ChangeBhai, this portal allows you to report civic issues along with pictures, was surprised to see some issues reported from Pune already fixed. If such help is available for citizens on internet we should make use of it for overall betterment of our community. Lot of arm chair activists give up when it comes to taking a civic problem heads on and what remains is a diarrhoea of tweets and posts on social media.
Hats off to people who have created this portal and taking issues that concern the common man to the right authorities which may go unnoticed due to social apathy and lack of awareness on methods to deal with such problems….”
Refer to the link below for the complete article.
Thank you! It is heartening to know that ChangeBhai is being widely recommended by the active blogging community. We look forward to more support from active bloggers like you.