We, at ChangeBhai, believe that data unfolds value & hence we present it in the best possible way to help our clients and their end users make critical decisions. Our signature APIs -ThinkInvest, ThinkStay, ThinkChange & ThinkElect - are used to access and visualize high quality ground issues data and analytics of 20+ Indian cities. Our data is highly relevant for clients ranging from real estate and hotel booking aggregators to administrative bodies for critical decision making.

Real Estate, Logistics, Food Delivery & Hotel Booking Aggregators:

Clients with user base that looks for locality ranking/comparison and infrastructure status around certain points on a map or certain routes use ChangeBhai for its detailed analytics to help its users make better and informed decisions. Our APIs ThinkInvest & ThinkStay deploy intelligent analytics by using image processing, statistical modelling, complex algorithms and many advanced techniques specifically built by our in house developed technology tools.

Governmental Bodies,Political Entities/ Individuals & NGOs:

Clients of this category are often looking at data to resolve the pressing urban issues and take decisions based on real time ground data. Our data management techniques gives them the exact information at their fingertips well customized for their needs. These entities demand their information to be fast, detailed and well analyzed. We help them unleash the power of the data that one sees everyday but don't use through our consultancy solutions designed specifically as per their business needs.

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