Let us stop cursing and start acting!

The number of internet users in India is increasing by leaps and bounds…Cool!
Social media has never been so powerful..Great!
A lot of online campaigns are being undertaken proactively, mostly by the youth.. Fantastic!
Citizens of this country have never been so vocal about their issues…Awesome!
Where are we lacking then, one would ask.

In CHANNELIZING this whole movement in the most effective way, we think.

We, at Changebhai strongly believe that the time for change is ‘NOW OR ABHI’!. Imagine a world in which every resident feels empowered and can play an active role in solving his/her neighborhood issue on a day to day basis. We, at Changebhai, seek to use the power of the internet to bring the citizens of our country closer and make our neighborhoods better places to live and work. Changebhai is aimed at providing a single platform to the citizens of India to make their voices heard!

What we intend to do now is structure this whole phenomenon of ‘social media’ and ‘citizen movement’ in a way which is interesting and buzz-creating. How do we do it? Watch this space for more details on that!

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